According to the Italians, there are four key elements to make a good cup of coffee. These are know as the 4 Ms: Macchina (Machine), Macinazione (Grinder), Miscela (Blend) & Mano (Barista). We have carefully picked each of our 4 Ms to make our coffee one of the best you’ll taste in Lagos.


We are all about fresh and natural products; we use natural ingredients to create fresh and authentic flavors. Our dishes have a wealth of influences from Lagos, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. We are also known for our delicious croissants, artisan breads and homemade cakes.


We believe that the foundation of a delicious beverage is whole, unprocessed ingredients. We start with whole fruits and vegetables and use a cold-press process to extract every last drop of goodness. Our Signature cocktails take the classics and add a unique spin to them.


Flowershop Cafe bespoke cocktails use only the freshest ingredients. We put a unique spin on well known cocktails and create delicious drinks to enjoy during Happy Hour or with friends.